Who we are

TRG Solutions Ltd aims to establish itself as a versatile, and holistic Internet-of-Things (IoT / IoE) and DATA Management solutions provider, with a focus on growing digital markets all around the world. Capitalizing on many years of commercial and technological know-how, TRG Solutions Ltd has been formed with the objective of integrating and providing IoT and Data intelligence solutions to customers globally.

IoT Solutions

We deliver solutions that help in building massive networks of IoT devices, reducing the complexity, ensuring efficiency and bringing innovation across industries looking for growth opportunities and operational optimisation. Our solutions encompass everything IoT device designers, software developers and product manufacturers need to develop and implement IoT ideas.

Data Management

We integrate and distribute Data management solutions based on the specific needs of our customers, in order for them to successfully complete their missions and thus deliver more value. We are a value-driven business, becoming home to many global and national organisations that wish to increase security and improve the quality of living of their customers.

Integrations and customer success

At TRG Solutions Ltd we have a large team of engineers that are constantly focused only on delivering quality and services for the end-users. Working with Tier-1 customers, we are an ISO9000 certified supplier and are keeping the best practice in the market.

Integrating a data and IoT solution requires the ability to understand the operational solution of the end-user, being able to design and deploy mass networks, and delivering the data management system.

TRG Solutions Ltd keeps constant leadership by working very close with our customers, understanding their needs and helping them design the best solutions based on their requirements. We work with global suppliers of software as well as top-level project management teams that help us supply top working solutions to ensure customer success.